Donations to Grindavík basketball.

1.000 kr.3.000 kr.

Dear Grindavík Supporters and Basketball Enthusiasts,

We hope this message finds you well despite the unique challenges we face in our beloved town of Grindavík. As you may know, our community is currently grappling with the volcanic situation, making it even more crucial for us to come together and support one another.

Our basketball team, Grindavík, is not immune to the economic impact of these challenges. The disruptions caused by the volcanic activity have put a strain on our team’s financial stability, jeopardizing our ability to continue pursuing our passion for the sport and representing Grindavík with pride.

We are reaching out to our incredible supporters with a humble request for financial assistance. Your generous donations will play a vital role in helping us weather these tough times and ensuring that the spirit of basketball continues to thrive in Grindavík.

Donations are done in Icelandic Króna. To give you an idea, 1000ISK equals roughly 7 EUR, 7 USD or 6 GBP.